Proven Operational Experience

Most important, we leave you with a process to repeat. We enhance the operations skills and knowledge of your team because we transfer knowledge, tools and process.

Successful M&A takes discipline. Combining distinct business processes, systems, channels, client relationships, and cultures requires not just a plan based upon experience, but the courage to stick to the plan and the advantage of implementing without the distractions of running the rest of the business.

Our M&A services start with operational due diligence. Most consulting firms focus on the initial bookends of financial and legal. We do this too, but bring insight on operational aspects to ensure you realize the benefits of merging and acquiring assets. We provide assessment of strengths and weaknesses, areas of concern, and hidden opportunities, and package this knowledge so you make the right decision for your stakeholders.

We then bring the rigor and discipline you need to ensure success with integration program management. Now is when you need objective advice on channels, people, and products, as well as focus on integration and not on the 30/60/90 day needs of the existing business. Realizing revenue and profit potential requires tough decisions and trade-offs, and we provide the process and intelligence to do so.

Our combination of operating experience, skill in actual integration and facility for independent oversight brings objective decision-making during all phases of M&A from assessment to crisp decision-making under the stress of timelines and changing conditions.